What will you get out of volunteering?

 An opportunity to attend the conference day in which you are volunteering free of charge! Feel free to volunteer for both days!

FREE LUNCH!! Who doesn’t like free food? If you are one of the people who don’t, don’t volunteer, we don’t associate with such negative energy. Just joking! Let us show you how life affirming free food can be!

Complimentary t-shirt and maybe even chocolates… 😮 chocolate t-shirt? Oh the possibilities!!

An opportunity to meet our amazing speakers! They truly are amazing. But don’t take our word for it; come be a part of this!

Are you still thinking about the chocolate t-shirts? Yeah… so am I (whoever makes this possible please contact me. I’m not even joking).

Where can I volunteer?

Transportation: They see you rolling, they hating… (I know you’re singing along).  6 spots will be open on each day to those who want to use their amazing driving skills to take our speakers to and from their hotel. Your job will start bright and early at 7:30 am on Day 1 (November 21st) and 8:30 am on Day 2 (November 22nd). Please let us know if you are available on November 19th and 20th to help us drive our speakers from the airport to the hotel. Volunteers on the 19th and 20th will get free access to the Reception (4 spots open)!

 Registration: We need amazing people that will help us through the registration process of the conference. 4 spots open for each day of the conference. Because this is the first portion of the event, volunteers will be required to arrive at 7:30 am on Day 1 (November 21st) and 8:30 am on Day 2 (November 22nd).  Bring yourself; we’ll bring the coffee.

Way-finder/Roamers: Have a basic idea of where things are on our campus? GREAT! We need you! 10 spots will be open each day for volunteers who would like to help others find their way. Roamers will also be helping African Business Club execs if they need an extra hand in other areas.

Photographers/videographers: Dear photographers/videographers, we admire your ability to take a split second and turn it into a vivid story-line. We will need your superhuman skills throughout the forum! 6 spots will be open each day and since we want to capture every moment, your day will start at 8:30. But no worries we’ll make sure to organize you in shifts!!

Lunch- time: Help spread joy through the wonderful thing that is food! 6 spots will be open on each day to help ensure the even distribution of meals during lunchtime.

Workshop Assistant: Help us facilitate and ensure the smooth development of our workshops. 4 spots will be open each day, and as an added bonus, we’ll let you pick which workshop you would prefer to facilitate!

 Panel Assistant: lastly but certainly not least, we need people that will help our speakers throughout their panel presentations. Panel assistants will be ensuring that all attendees of the panels are registered, passing microphones for the question and answer segments, and making sure panelist are comfortable. 10 positions will be open on each day, approximately 2 assistants per panel. Let us know which panel you would prefer to help with, and we will do our best to put you there!

How do I sign up?

When its available, fill out the form in the sign-up form tab. Make sure you specify which date(s) you want to volunteer for, which position you would prefer to help in, and any food allergies you may have (We don’t want to poison you. We like you.)


Welcome and hospitality volunteers – help hospitality team in making sure speakers always have what they need.

Transportation Volunteers (4-6) – licensed drivers available to drive speakers to and from airport. From hotel to UBC, and on tours of Vancouver.

Registration Volunteers (1-2) – help team during registration and welcoming ceremony

Lunchtime Volunteers – help during lunch and breaks to organize and clean up lunches.

Set up/ Pull down Volunteers – help before and after the conference to take set up and take down every room and area that will be used during the conference

Technology volunteers (3-5) – roaming helpers that will help make sure all technologically related aspects of the conference are running smoothly at all times.

Roamers/Way finders – volunteers that can help other volunteers or wherever they are needed throughout the conference and can help attendees to find their way.